Q: What is the weather like?
A: As Mauritius is a tropical island, the average temperature is quite high.

     Summer temperatures range between 26 – 32°c
Water temperature ranges from 25 – 30°c

     Winter temperatures range between 21 – 27°c
Water temperatures ranges from 21 – 24°c

Diving conditions are also affected by winds and tides.

Q: What wetsuits do you gave available?
A: Our dive centers are equipped with 2mm shorties and 5mm long wetsuits

Q:Where are your dive centers situated?
A: Our dive centers are located inside of the following Beachcomber Hotels:
Beachcomber Mauricia Resort and Spa
Beachcomber Canonnier Golf Resort and Spa
Beachcomber Victoria Resort and Spa
Beachcomber Shandrani Resort and Spa

Q: How far away are the dive sites?
A:Conveniently located dive sites are no more than 15min by boat.

Q:What are your dive sites like?
A:There is a variety of different dive sites available to suit most divers.
Tropical waters are home to shallow coral reefs that lead to deep water drop off, dotted by several unique wrecks.
Weather permitting, night dives and scuba safaris are also on offer.

Q:How to choose dive sites?
A:Our early morning dive departs at 09am00
Reserved for more Advanced dives such at Deep and Wreck dives.
Qualified divers will be able to choose from several wreck sites, deep and drift sites.

The following dive departs at 11am00
The second dive for the day will be shallower than the first.
These colourful coral reefs dives are perfect for novice and experienced divers alike.

Weather permitting, afternoon dives are from 13h00 onward.

*Scuba Safari and Night Dives will scheduled separately

Q:What types of diving are available?

DAY DIVES – Singel Day dives and Scuba Safaris are available between 9am00 – 16pm00

TRAINING DIVES: We offer courses ranging from beginner to professional levels of diving qualification.
Specialty courses include Deep, Wreck, EFR, Photography, Night and AWARE FISH Identification.

NIGHT DIVES: Dependent on weather and tidal changes.

Q:What about kids?
A:Our minimum ages is 10 years old
Suitably sized equipment is available for our younger divers.
Depth and Diver Training is limited in accordance to diving regulations.

Q:What about dive groups?
A:All dive groups will be accompanied by one of our Diving Professionals
We offer dives in smaller groups to provide a more personalized and controlled experience.
We ensure a 1:6 Divemaster to Diver ratio that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Q:What about dive guides?
A:All our dives are under the direct supervision of one of our Diving Professionals.
Our guides know all the dive sites intimately and will help point out some of the amazing marine life.
Guides are also qualified for Emergency First Responds.

Q:Where can I book?
A:Dives and Training can be booked online or via email
Any Documentation will be communicated electronically or is available for download on our site

Q:What must I bring?
A:All equipment is available for hire if you do not wish to bring your own.
Prior to diving related activities we will require you to fill in a medical form clearing you to dive or have a doctors note.
Proof of Certification and Log book will also be required.
Sunscreen, towel, water, sunglasses, swimwear and most important a SMILE