Dive with us

With ideal temperature all year round, waters harbouring treasures for everlasting memories, lagoons stretching out to the coral reefs, passes, outer reefs, drop-offs or shipwrecks, Mauritius has multiple diving opportunities for both beginners and experienced divers. Internationally recognised courses are offered at our dive centres (PADI & CMAS certifications being the most renowned ones worldwide).

Having remained unexplored for some time, it is now agreed that the Mauritian marine world is well worth the trip. Most hotels in Mauritius acknowledge this fact by making exploring the marine life of Mauritius (one of) their premier activities. Joining us at one of our Dive Centres, conveniently located on the grounds of one of the Beachcomber Resorts, you will have the ideal opportunity of exploring various different dive sites, experiencing the best of the Mauritian marine life. We offer various diving experiences; from experiencing you first breaths underwater in the swimming pool, your first underwater experience in a calm lagoon to exploring wrecks, coral reefs and so much more. Our dive sites are within 5 to 25 minutes, by specialized Diving Boat, from the hotels

Here in Mauritius, diving sites are everything but congested. For the sake of environmental protection, boats are not anchored and with just a few diving groups on the different sites, you’ll be in for an amazing discovery of this fascinating world. Each site boasts of its very own characteristics and assets. In the following pages we take you through a discovery of some of these sites.