Green Policies

• It is mandatory that all employees follow the Best Practice Charter with regards to the company’s Eco – responsibility.

• Employees are reminded that the sea is our place of work and it should be respected at all times.

• Employees are not allowed to engage in any fishing activities from the dive boat.

• Employees are not allowed to feed fish during the dives.

• When diving with turtles, the protocol is not to disturb the turtles and never swim

above the turtles. A distance of 1 meter from the turtles should be maintained at all times. Guests should be encouraged to do the same if and when turtles are seen. This recommendation MUST be included in the dive briefing if the dive is planned on a dive site where we regularly encounter turtles.

• If and when turtles or dolphins are seen, boat should keep a safe distance from the animals. In the event that guests enter the water to interact with the animals, they are not to touch the animals and above all, the Skipper MUST be vigilant.

• Employees are reminded not to touch, prod on disturb any fish or marine life while underwater. You may be trying to impress our guests but in actual fact the guests do not enjoy or appreciate this.