Concierge Diving

Concierge diving is an exclusive tailor made diving experience that will let you create a unique diving experience of your own. Our Concierge Diving is available for certified divers and beginner divers alike.

Certified Divers: You can either do one or two dives with your personal dive guide on the best dive site of the day. This is a private charter and no other guests will be on the boat.

Beginner Divers : To ensure you have 100% of the instructors time and attention , you can do a private Open Water course that includes private pool training , private dives and private Theory lessons .This is a private course and no other students will be on the course.

Our Concierge Diving Instructors have over 20 years training experience , have over 20 years diving experience in Mauritius and have two or more instructor ratings and are Bi lingual in English and French.