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With an ideal temperature all year long, waters harbouring treasures for everlasting memories, lagoons stretching out to the coral reefs, passes, outer reefs, drop-offs or shipwrecks, Mauritius has multiple diving opportunities for both beginners and experienced divers. Internationally recognised courses (CMAS and PADI certifications being the most renowned ones worldwide) are also offered by diving centres.

Sensitive to safety issues and environmental concerns, the national association places great emphasis on these two elements. After having remained relatively unexplored for quite some time, it is now agreed that the Mauritian marine underworld is worth the trip, as testified by the prominent place that most hotels around the island give to diving activities. There are countless good reasons for which you should come and dive in Mauritius, one of the most notable ones being the proximity of the sites, which can be reached between 5-20 minutes boat rides, or even the possibility of having your first diving experience in a swimming pool and a lagoon with bountiful stocks of fish and shimmering corals. Here in Mauritius, diving sites are everything but congested. For the sake of environmental protection, boats are not anchored and with just a few diving groups on the different sites, you’ll be in for an amazing discovery of this fascinating world. Each region boasts of its very own characteristics and assets. In the following pages we take you through a discovery of some of these regions.

Our equipment is maintained to meet European Standards and our dive schools are equipped with the following items.

Dive Boats :
Each dive schools has its own boat with an open deck layout. These boats are equipped with twin outboard engines, tank racks, and divers ladder as well as a hard top to provide shade. For emergencies our boats have a telephone as well as DAN oxygen kits on board.

Air Compressor :
Each dive center uses a BAUER Compressor that is well maintained and filters are replaced frequently to ensures contaminant free, pure, dry air.

Cylinders :
Dive schools use steel cylinders ranging from 10 litre, 12 litre to 15 litres.  Dive cylinders are fitted with K valves that are suited for DIN and International regulators. Each cylinder is visually checked and hydro-statically tested to meet international safety standards.

Scuba Gear :
Our schools are kitted out with Scubapro and Cressi regulators and BCDs. These are serviced annually to ensure the safety and comfort of our divers
Wetsuits come in 2,5mm shorty’s for summerand  5mm full suits for winter. We carry a range of wetsuit sizes to cater for any body shape and size.
We carry a wide range of open- and closed heel fin sizes, as well as masks to suit most faces.

No-Deco Diving:
As a safety precaution we do not condone or allow decompression dives. We are a PADI affiliated operation and we use PADI non-decompression tables. These non-decompression tables adhere to the international recreational scuba diving standards (RSTC). For added safety, our Instructors and Divemasters are equipped with dive computers to ensure the group stays within no-deco limits.

For our younger divers (from 10 years old), we ensure their comfort by keeping child sized wetsuits and BCD’s. For their safety we limit depth as per PADI standards and they will be put under direct supervision of one of our PADI professionals.

Concierge Diving only at Diving World

Concierge diving is an exclusive tailor made diving experience that will let you create a unique diving experience of your own. Our Concierge Diving is available for certified divers and beginner divers alike.

Certified Divers: You can either do one or two dives with your personal dive guide on the best dive site of the day. This is a private charter and no other guests will be on the boat.

Beginner Divers : To ensure you have 100% of the instructors time and attention , you can do a private Open Water course that includes private pool training , private dives and private Theory lessons .This is a private course and no other students will be on the course.

Our Concierge Diving Instructors have over 20 years training experience , have over 20 years diving experience in Mauritius and have two or more instructor ratings and are Bi lingual in English and French.

Our Dive Centers

Le Mauricia Hotel

  A FOUR-STAR RESORT IN THE HEART OF GRAND BAIE Located on the sun-drenched northern coast of Mauritius, Le Mauricia, a four-star Beachcomber hotel, is cosmopolitan and relaxed, simple yet cosy. Comfort and simplicity take centre stage. The hotel’s architecture evokes the traditional Mediterranean style. All has been done to provide sweeping views of the

Le Canonnier Hotel

  A TRENDY FAMILY RESORT IN MAURITIUS One of the best family resorts in Mauritius, Le Canonnier stands proudly above the coastline on a historic peninsula. Le Canonnier enhances the authentic Mauritian atmosphere with commanding views over the northern islands and sparkling Indian Ocean, lush tropical gardens dotted with cascading pools and a string of

Le Shandrani Resort & Spa

  LUXURY ALL-INCLUSIVE HOLIDAYS IN MAURITIUS Located in the unspoilt south region of Mauritius, Shandrani is the first choice when it comes to luxury all-inclusive holidays in Mauritius. Set on a private peninsula lapped by the Blue Bay Marine Park rich in sea life, Shandrani has three different beaches to discover. A short boat ride