Dive Sites South

Blue Bay Marine Park

The total area of the Marine Park is 353 hectares; it includes the lagoon and extends about one kilometer seaward from the reef crest.

Once you reach the bay of Blue Bay Marine Park, you will feast your eyes on some of the bluest waters and most breathtaking white sandy beaches you will ever see. When you see the turquoise blue color of the lagoon you will understand where the name comes from. The colors of the sea are incredible and are of variety of many different blues.

Depth ranges from 2 to 12 meters, with crystal clear water offering great visibility, the diving conditions are ideal for beginners. You will have a great view of the reef, fish and of large selection of corals (there are more than 50 different species of corals at the park!).

The Blue Bay Marine Park is home to mangroves, algae, sea grasses, corals, and other marine organisms. There is also a wide variety of fish species that include Damselfish, Surgeonfish, Butterfly fish, juvenile Sailfin tangs, as well as tiny Pipefish and large Trumpet fish.

Favourite Advanced Dives

COLORADO (20-40m)
This dive takes you along a drop-off that successively takes on the appearance of a canyon, of an amphitheatre with its chimney, and eventually that of a long tunnel with its profusion of lobsters. The scenery is breathtaking: the vaults are adorned by pink gorgonians and corals, and parrotfish, surgeonfish and unicorn fish can often be seen near the tall stone walls. Large predators such as wahoos, tunas, or barracudas are also frequently spotted there. A spectacular diving experience.

A rich and colourful fauna, with huge rocks lined with corals, sponges and other soft corals spread out on the seabed. In the centre, a deep cave has been colonized by a group of lobsters. As you go deeper, a long and rather wide tunnel opens up in front of you. By all means, an entertaining dive!

THE SIRIUS (18-22m)wreck
Diving on the site of this vessel with a glorious past is a real pleasure. The main part of the wreck rests 18 metres down on the sea floor. 19 cannons intertwined with each other, an oak frame, rivets and cannonballs provide a one-of-a-kind scenery. At times, this underwater landscape brings you some 196 years back into the past, with reminiscences of the smell of gunpowder all around and visions of flames coming out of these steaming cannons. Further north, the vessel’s stern lies some 24m deep down. While ascending along the shoal, a great diversity of corals may be observed with a decompression stop at 3 metres. The only downside to this site is sometimes the reduced visibility due to the location of the site at the mouth of a river

ROCHE ZOZO (18-40m)

An alignment of rocky peaks, canyons, tunnels and caves… covered with pink corals and gorgonians. The dive site itself warrants more significance than the fauna that may be found there, such as tortoises or small sharks. A beautiful trip during which safety should nonetheless remain the by-word, due to the strong current there. One may indeed be rapidly spellbound by the beauty of the site, and it is, therefore, important to keep an eye on one’s depth gauge.