25th Anniversary

On the 15th of April 1993 Diving World opened its doors at Beachcomber Mauricia and started creating memorable experiences for young and old. A lot has changed in the past 25 years.   As Mauritius Grew from a tiny sugar cane and fishing island in the Indian Ocean, to a world class tropical island holiday

20th – French International Dive Show

20 th -French International Dive Show PARIS 12th -15th January 2018 Diving World represented by Francois Besson was once again present at the 20th International Diving Show held in Paris this January. This show is one of the larger shows in Europe targeting the very specialised Niche Market of Scuba Divers. Some would say that

PADI Awards

On the 7th Of September 2017 , Francois and Christelle BESSON of Diving World received both awards from PADI international. The First being an award for outstanding achievement in our diver certification program. The award is very exclusive with only 5 being given in all of Africa and the Indian Ocean this year . It

The Wrecks of the North

Wreck diving usually conjures up images of hardcore divers dressed in dry suits and multiple cylinders, ready to fight strong currents so that they can explore the lifeless murky depths where most wrecks lurk. Now let me paint a different picture – You arrive at a Dive center welcomed by smiles as bright as the