20th – French International Dive Show

20 th -French International Dive Show
PARIS 12th -15th January 2018

Diving World represented by Francois Besson was once again present at the 20th International Diving Show held in Paris this January. This show is one of the larger shows in Europe targeting the very specialised Niche Market of Scuba Divers. Some would say that there are not enough divers in France to warrant an independent dive show and they would be quite surprised at the statistics published by the FIGARO newspaper ( French version of the “New York Times).
Quoted from the Figaro “ 278’967 licensed divers at the French diving Federation in 2016 , 2504 dive clubs for the same year , diving is ranked 11th sport in France as far as participants go.”
The above are quite encouraging especially as they do not include divers who are not licensed with the French diving Federation . Figures are estimated to be double the quoted amount if we add the PADI ,SSI , TDI and other training agencies. Another point to consider is the fact that many divers only dive whilst on holiday and are not registered with the French Diving Federation.

It is worth while to note that the profile of the divers in general is changing from the diver who does 4 dives per day whilst on holiday to families sharing the sport together whilst on holiday together . This is the exact profile of client the we at Diving World are targeting with 3 selling arguments

  1. The ease of diving- all of our dive schools are found on the hotel premisses and dives are launched from there. The dive are planned for the least qualified and experienced of the group.Unless we go look for current , the dives are done in calm clear water.
  2. Children are our future – We love to teach families to practice the sport together , all of our dive schools have child adapted dive equipment and dive sites for children as from the age of 10.
  3. Colour- Our reefs have not been affected by the coral bleaching phenomena that has devastated Seychelles and Australias coral reef. Our reefs are healthier and as colourful as ever .

This is also the first year that the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority booked a stand in order to sell the destination. A very encouraging step for Mauritius whereby they invited all the dive schools on the island as well as the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association to join them on their stand in order to do a combined effort to put Mauritius on the Proverbial Map.